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Detox is an area widely misunderstood in this day and age of technology. A lot of people think because they did a celery juice fast last year that they are good. That can’t be farther from the truth. The problem is that we live in the most toxic world we have ever had. There is literally toxins in EVERYTHING. Our air, water, food, body products, cleaning supplies, and even a lot of hand sanitizers out there have ingredients that can be harmful for our health. Ongoing regular gentle detox is the best way to strive for optimal health.

I believe the first step in detox is detoxing the products you have in your home that can often have harmful ingredients. From cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and hand soaps to your make-up, body lotions, and body soaps, and shampoo and conditioners.

l have two incredible resources I love to share where you can learn about the toxins in the products in your home, and also find clean products as well. A lot of companies are making great products that legit work but wont add more to your toxic load. The first is the think dirty app. This is FREE app where you can search up products. They will give products a rating based on their toxicity, but what I love about it SO much is that it also lists and rates ingredients in the products, and then educates you on the health impacts that have been linked to the specific ingredient. The second is There is a ton of information on their website on what to look for in products, companies that have clean ingredients, and so much more. You can also find the “dirty dozen” which is a list of the fruits and vegetables that have the most chemicals found on them in which you should never eat non-organic, and also “the clean fifteen” which are the fruits and veggies with the least amount of chemicals on them.

Here are a few other ways that our family regularly detoxes, and that I often recommend to people. The best part for me is these are safe for everyone, even your littles.

  1. We drink lemon essential oil in our water. Any citrus actually will have the same mild detox effect but lemon is known as the heavy hitter. They have a constituent called limonene which studies have shown can be very beneficial to your GI tract, liver, and immune system. Added bonus, it also makes your water taste great. I only recommend ingesting doTERRA oils because of their commitment to purity and quality.
  2. Detox baths. We do this 3-4x per week and anytime someone has any symptoms. For example if I have a headache I will put a few drops of frankincense, Lavender and peppermint on the back of my neck and head straight to the bath. So often when we have a stomach ache, or headache it’s our bodies way of letting us know something is up, perhaps having a hard time processing a toxin. My go to is always natural first as conventional medication can be very hard on our liver. Here is my detox bath recipe: -2 cups Epsom Salt- always non-fragranced -1 cup baking soda -4 drops each rosemary and juniper berry essential oil The benefits of each of these are the sulfates in epsom salt help flush toxins and heavy metals from our cells, easing muscle pain and helping our body to eliminate harmful substances. Baking soda is helpful for ridding the body of chemicals from food, drugs, radiation exposure, etc. Rosemary and Juniper berry essential oils help pull toxins out of our detox organs, and are especially helpful with drawing out heavy metals.
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3. Dry brushing. This is incredibly helpful for stimulating our lymphatic system whose main role is to move lymph which has infection fighting white blood cells through the body and assists the immune system. Our lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart is to our cardiovascular system so this can be very helpful for circulation which overall promotes health. It also moves toxins, and cellular waste to our detox organs, and stimulates hormone and oil producing glands in our skin, which can help keep our skin youthful and soft. You can purchase a dry brush at any health food store or on amazon. For additional stimulating benefits we also add a few drops of grapefruit or pink pepper essential oil to the dry brush. Start from the end of your limbs and brush long strokes always towards your heart. To read more about dry brushing and how to read this article by Wellness Mamma Katie Wells.

4. Castor Oil Packs. The benefits of using castor oil goes back 1000’s of years and is a great way to gently and regularly assist your natural detox pathways, and overall boost your immune system. They can help with SO many things from detox, to stomach aches, but also eczema, IBS, rashes, acne, fungal infections, menstrual cramps, gallstones and many more. To learn more about them and for a step by step of how to click the link below to the blog post I did about them.

Castor Oils Pack made Easy

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