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Essential oils are concentrated(50-70x more powerful than herbs), aromatic plants extracts that have been used for thousands of years for emotional, cosmetic, medical, and even spiritual purposes. In fact essential oils are referenced in the bible over 300 times, and in biblical times were considered the most powerful form of medicine. To make it simple essential oils are the plants immune system harvested.

I was first introduced to oils back in 2003 while going to massage school, but wasn’t sure about the smell and thought they were kinda “hippy” so didn’t feel the need to add them to my life. It wasn’t until my baby was diagnosed with a gnarly childhood cancer and I was desperate to try anything that could be helpful for his little body that I started exploring the therapeutic benefits of them.

What I learned is that they are an incredible non-toxic tool that I believe everyone should use, and they allow you to have some control over you and your families health in a safe way. There happens to be incredible benefits from plants, and different plants will offer different therapeutic benefits.

I personally have experienced the effectiveness of them and have seen how powerful they are not only in my own family but also my close family and friends lives as well. So much so that I also started educating people about them and it has turned into a FULL blown passion of mine. We use them daily for support with ALL kinds of ailments including headaches, upset stomachs, cellular health, detox, balancing hormones, immunity, energy, laundry, cleaning, and SO much more.

I recommend doTERRA’s essential oils as their commitment to purity and quality are unmatched in my opinion. Each vat of oil goes through something like 52 tests to prove it’s exactly what they say it is. If you want to experience these plant powerhouses please only use a therapeutic grade. This industry is not regulated and often times even companies that claim to be 100% pure can have harmful additives and even be a synthetic version of the actual plant. Not only will you not get the same results, but it could even be harmful for your overall health.

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If you are ready to start your own essential oil journey, I would be honored to walk you through this process. The way doTERRA works is just like costco. You pay a $35 wholesale membership fee and get wholesale pricing for the year. However they do have some enrollment kits that are further discounted to get more in your hands when your just starting, and if you start with a kit the wholesale membership fee is waived, and you still get wholesale pricing for the year. Click here to shop. XO

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